Premium Fabric Protection Service

Keep your fabric intact during your move

Delivery by Design’s IntegraTect certified Technicians provide “on site” applications of our proprietary (non-Teflon based) premium fabric protection formula.

Here are seven good reasons why so many Designers across the U.S. refer IntegraTect fabric protection applications to their clients.

  • provides outstanding stain and UV protection giving Designers the confidence to add an infinite variety of fabrics to their palette including many thought too delicate to use in high risk areas. 
  • is permanent and will not flake or wash off, saving clients inevitable re-application expenses.         
  • guarantees its application will not change the color or hand of any fabric or fiber, natural or man made, including silks, leather, suede, sisal, jute, cotton, or antique wool.
  • is safe and effective for use on commercial and residential projects for all fabric and fiber related items including indoor and outdoor upholstery, furniture, drapes, carpet, area rugs, bedding, headboards, lamp shades, fabric walls, etc… 
  • applies an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non allergenic, biodegradable formula which does pollute the environment with harmful Fluoro-chemicals or PFOA's.
  • guarantees its formula is safe to use around plants and animals and will not harm any natural, or synthetic surface including wood, glass, plastic, metal, stone, plaster, or paint.
  • has a long and successful history of protecting luxury interiors in Hotels, Restaurants, Homes, Yachts, Aircraft, Motor Coaches, and Automobiles. 

We invite you to join a growing list of Designers who confidently refer IntegraTect to their clients as the only application available that truly lives up to its promise of permanent stain and UV protection. 

Please contact IntegraTect Denver Sales at 303-922-2429. We will provide you with an estimate for your project and schedule the application at your convenience.

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